Legislative Accomplishments

The following are just a few of Dr. Richard Pan’s legislative accomplishments.

Protecting Communities from Gun Violence
SB 877 requires the State Department of Public Health to collect data on violent deaths so the state can better understand and prevent fatal violence in our communities. SB 536 directs the California Department of Justice to provide information on gun violence restraining orders to researchers affiliated with the University of California’s Firearm Violence Research Center.

Keeping Kids Safe at School
SB 277 helps make our schools and communities safer and healthier by abolishing the personal belief exemption that allowed parents to opt their child out of required immunizations for various diseases.

Protecting Immigrants From Discrimination
SB 600 prohibits businesses from discriminating based on immigration status, citizenship, and language.

Bringing California and Sacramento Millions in Federal Dollars
SB 144 and 580 bring hundreds of millions of federal flood control dollars to our region by ensuring the completion of projects along the American and Sacramento Rivers.  AB 678 saved fire stations from closing down when they were losing money during the Great Recession by bringing in as much as $90 million of federal dollars a year through Medi-Cal ambulance transport reimbursements. 

Lead California’s Implementation of the Affordable Care Act
ABX1-2 implemented the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in California and ensures health plans cannot discriminate against people with a pre-existing condition. 

Safeguarding a Woman’s Right to Choose
When abortion clinics were targeted with burdensome and costly building standards that other primary-care clinics are not subject to, Dr. Pan authored AB 980 to prevent unfair practice. 

Helping Families in Need
SB 947 removes barriers for needy families to participate in California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids program (CalWORKs) by allowing them to be interviewed on the phone or through electronic means in lieu of an in-person interview.

Ensuring Workers Have a Voice
SB 550 protects workers when a union prevails in a lawsuit that proves an employer failed to provide wages or benefits.  The bill requires the employer to pay the union's attorney's fees and expenses.

Preserving Faith in our Justice System
SB 1189 requires that if law enforcement was directly involved with the care and custody of an individual who died in their care, they are not allowed inside the autopsy room. SB 424 permits college and university police departments to use “Body Cameras” to record interactions with the public.

Equality for LGBT Veterans
AB1505 addresses a legacy of discrimination that resulted when LGBT veterans were forced out of the military and denied the official recognition and benefits they earned defending their country. The bill reinstated California veterans’ benefits that were rescinded when they were discharge based solely on sexual orientation.

Saving the Lives of Newborn Babies
SB 1095 provides children with the best opportunity for an early diagnoses and treatment through newborn screenings.  Through the bill, all newborn babies in California are tested for rare diseases that would otherwise go undiagnosed and untreated by making sure that California follows the federal Recommended Uniform Screening Panel’s recommendations.